Dealing with anxiety can be scary, even distressing. Especially when you experience heart palpitations, muscle a weakness, shortness of breath of air, or other panic attack symptoms. Applying relaxation techniques for anxiety and panic attacks can help you relax and ease you of these symptoms.

We all experience some form of anxiety. Whether we are facing a new job, an important test, or some other stressful anxiety coaching situation, anxiety can creep up on us. For some it can become severe, chronic, and even nonrational.

If you have a severe form of anxiety or panic attacks you should see a doctor right away. The following relaxation techniques for anxiety are meant for dealing with anxiety symptoms that are and not as severe.

Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety

Sometimes when we are dealing with anxiety we may experience shortness of breath of air. Should this happen to you inhale slowly, count to 3, then let your breath of air out slowly. Do this once or twice unless you want to feel relaxed. Breathing into a paper bag can also help.

Probably may be difficult, try not to focus on what you sense if you feel an anxiety or panic attack coming. This will only cause serotonin levels to react more, and could even become worse the symptoms. Instead, control your breathing and focus on something entirely totally different from what your address is and what you’re up to. Picture yourself being in a place you want to be instead of what your address is at. If you can take your mind off from your current environment, you may be able to rid your brain of whatever it was in your environment or your mind that triggered the attack in the first place.

Coach yourself into relaxation. Tell yourself that this will pass as do other bad moments in your life. Let yourself know this is a normal reaction and you just need to relax and you will finish it. Give yourself a little pep talk to help you overcome your anxiety.

When you are dealing with anxiety, practicing good relaxation techniques for anxiety can help you to overcome the situation you are in and forestall it from getting any worse.

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